Are you going to give a ring to “The One”, who has been waiting for that so long? When looking for the most beautiful ring, you might be thinking if you should go for a diamond or a brilliant.

Secret revealed

The word “diamond” is not only used when talking about a raw mineral but also about already cut diamonds. Perhaps you are now wondering how to distinguish a cut diamond from brilliants? An experienced jeweler recognizes the difference at first sight – a brilliant is a specific type of cut. In order for the gemstone on your ring to be proud of this name, it must meet clearly defined conditions.

57 shades of shine

57 is the exact number of areas/places (57) the grinder has to cut on the rough diamond. After that it can be called a diamond. This type of a cut is one of the most popular – due to the optical characteristics of a diamond. Therefore, the finished stone beautifully shines. According to the way the diamond sparkles, it also got its name – “brilliant” means “glowing” in French. Even you can shine with brilliants or diamonds, just simply visit our jewelry store.

Engagement rings

What to choose from

Even the most demanding customer will choose his/her diamond jewelry in Prague Garnet Center. We have the most varied collection in Prague available for customers interested in both classic and modern design. Our jewelry from Italian and French designers highlights the beauty of individual gems or create breathtaking combinations with other stones. With each jewel, you get a certificate of authenticity and a 5 year warranty.

A brilliant engagement ring will not only suit your fiancé. So, choose the most beautiful one for her in our jewelry store.