Engagement rings, your grandmother’s bracelet or even just earrings for everyday use deserve good care. Do you know what harms their beauty and what actually helps them? We prepared an overview of the most important rules that will keep your jewelery beautiful for a long time.

Please, take it off

Do you wash dishes manually? Then keep your rings and bracelets as far as possible from the sink. The chemicals you use can harm them. Take your jewelery off also when doing some sport and when doing hard work – Oxidation, which causes a dull/ugly colour, appears due to presence of water, chemicals and also sweat. Put your jewelery aside if you are sweating, for example, during a hard training session in a gym or even when cleaning your house. Cooking is not ideal for wearing your jewelery either. It has to face not just fumes but it might get dirty in the kitchen too. Be careful also during the application of make-up or finishing your hair. Hair spray, creams and soaps can harm the beauty of your jewelery too. So, when you’re wearing your beautiful jewelery next time, put them on at the very last when getting ready. However, take your glittering jewels off as the very first thing once coming home.

Jak pečovat o šperky

For diamond glitter and shining Czech garnets?

How can you care for diamonds? Perhaps, you consider these gems indestructible. However, even though diamonds are one of the hardest stones does not mean that it survives any harsh treatment. A big hit from a certain angle can devaluate your diamond jewel. If you have more pieces of jewelery, make sure they do not rub each other. They shouldn’t even touch each other in your jewelery box. Please note that diamonds may scratch each other. If you want your brilliants to shine as long as possible, go for a professional cleaning. At Prague Garnet Center we can help you with that within few minutes.

With regards to harming your jewelery – for Czech garnets the same rules apply as to other jewelery: try to avoid any chemicals, sweat, cosmetics products and chlorinated water or sea-water.

Jak pečovat o šperky

Keep it as in clover

Getting a good jewelery box is well worth it. When choosing your own box, always carefully consider its size. As mentioned, jewels should not touch each other even in the jewelery box. Try to provide enough space for them or store single pieces of your jewelery in separate pouches. Those who do not like jewelery boxes can easily use simply original boxes which you bought the jewels in. Take off your jewels before going to sleep. This has two advantages – you will sleep better and also avoid destroying your jewels as you can deform your earrings if you lie on them wrongly. Jewelery boxes or simple/normal boxes? The choice is up to you but you will not make a mistake with each of those variations – both will provide sufficient protection for your jewels.

When taking good care of your jewelery, they will shine the same way when you saw them for the very first time.