Socks, after shave, lotion or a shirt … Make a change with the Christmas gifts this year! With our tips for Christmas gifts for men you will shine in his eyes. Give your friend, husband, daddy, son or brother something to emphasize his charisma – therefore, choose a jewel for him!

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Fashion passes, Style remains…

In recent years, it has been confirmed that there is power in simplicity. Gentlemen don’t wear many massive chains anymore; however, they prefer elegant jewelry with a modest design. Jewelry for men does not have to be necessarily massive. Look for an elegant bracelet, chain or a ring.

The hands of skilful goldsmiths create unique jewels that are made for unique men like yours. You can bet on unique pieces from limited collections and indulge your gentleman with jewelry that no one else has.

Do you know what harms your jewels´ beauty and what actually helps them? Check out an overview of the most important rules that will keep your jewelry beautiful for a long time.

Show how much you know him

Every Christmas gift and jewel should reflect the style of its future owner. Before you visit some jewelry shops, think about what you are going to choose for your man. If you want your Christmas present to be part of his everyday life, think about decorating his wrists, neck or fingers. Does he wear a formal suit with a shirt that has long sleeves to work? – It would be a shame to cover the bracelet under long sleeves. In this case, choose a beautiful ring instead. For men who work as craftsman, leave their fingers without any decorations and choose a chain instead or a jewel which is in harmony with the safety of their work. When choosing a jewel for an artist or an adventurer, you can afford to experiment a bit more. Who says that a bracelet must be made of metal? A combination of silver and leather might remind him of traveling to exotic lands or his own imagination.

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At Prague Garnet Center you will find men’s jewelry in a unique collection. Decent jewels with gold or silver, extravagant with a gem or elegant with tasteful glittering detail – choose a gentleman’s ring, bracelet or chain to underline his charisma. Luxury Christmas gifts for men are awaiting you in Štupartská street.