Are you looking for a gift, or just something for a pleasure? If you are going to jeweller to buy a jewel for any occasion, pick something that will surely suit you. However, aren’t you sure how to decide – if either gold or silver will suit you the best? Read a few simple rules, that will help you to choose the right jewel.

Relation between color typology and jewellery

Color of your hair, eyes and skin will tell you what will suit you. A color typology is a good helper not just when choosing clothing, hair color, or makeup. You can also rely on it when choosing a jewelry. It will help you with an eternal dilemma, whether to go for gold or silver. Color typology will also make easier for you to choose a shade of the stones and the right size of the jewelry. Before buying a new jewel, try to find out which color type is the most related to you. Just look into a mirror and find your type in one of the following descriptions.

Spring type

Is your hair fairy blonde? Do you have with blue, grey or hazel eyes? Do you have a pale skin with a golden tinge, or golden-brown freckles? If so, then you are a gentle spring type.

Summer type

Bright skin with a pink tinge, dark blue or brown eyes and hair in a shade of dark blonde or brown? These are cognitive signs of noble summer types.

Autumn type

Red-hairy or blonde ladies having an ivory skin or freckles and brown, green or green-blue eyes and deeply red lips are unambiguously autumn types.

Winter type

Do you look like a fairy Snow White? Do you have dark brown or black hair, pale skin and cold blue or dark brown eyes? In that case, you are a conspicuous winter type.


Gold or silver?

Choice of a jewelry gets much simpler once you realize your color type. Go for gold if you are a warm spring and autumn type. On the contrary, silver and white gold will suit you if you are a summer or winter type. But that’s not all. Pay attention to the color of gems and jewelry. Spring types shine with fine or small jewels in bright colors. Nobble summer types suit vintage jewelry with patina and with less massive stones. Charming autumn beauties can afford massive jewelry made of natural materials in ground, inconspicuous colors. On the other hand, winter types suit rich shades of stones and extravagant and glittering jewels.

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