Jewellery is considered as a popular gift throughout the year. You will always please the person you give the gift of jewellery, whether it’s a special milestone of your life (engagement, birth of a child, anniversary, important life jubilee, graduation…),holidays/feasts or other special days that you celebrate every year (Christmas, birthday, name day, Valentine’s Day …). However, do you know how to choose a jewel which would be a really pleasant surprise? Be inspired by our recommendations so that the person who you give this gift will shine with joy just like your sparkling rock.

Jewellery as a gift for a woman

The right ring size for your partner makes men worried the most, especially when it comes to an engagement ring. Partners of women who love jewellery are luckier – just take a look at which ring your partner wears on the Ring Finger of her left hand and secretly “borrow” the ring. Your goldsmith will determine the exact size, so that you can be sure that the ring will fit her perfectly. If your fiancée doesn’t wear rings very much, you will have to guess the size or ask for help from her friend or sister. Are you planning to please your loved one with earrings? Then you should find out what kind of fastening suits her most. Also, get some advice on what type of earring would suit the shape of her face best. Regarding necklaces and bracelets, look at her dress style and favourite colours. If there is a woman behind the goldsmith’s desk, her advice may be very useful.

Darek s kvetinou

Are you thinking about proposing to your partner? Turn this milestone of your relationship into a unique moment that you both of you will remember for a long time. We prepared some tips on how to make your proposal special and romantic.

When the jewels decorate men

Bracelets, rings, chains, cufflinks and tie clips. We have a complete assortment of jewellery for men. Unlike women, gentlemen are not too demanding when it comes to decorative jewels and prefer simpler designs.

darky pro muze

Do you have a young sportsman at home? – Look for inspiration with his favourite sports star and you might go for white gold, surgical steel or silver. Does your man wear a suit? – Then choose an elegant watch or cufflinks for him. Would you like to thank your grandfather for a jewel? – You might look for yellow gold and a massive ring that will remind him of his position in the family. Does your father like adventure? – Jewellery that combines metal and leather will certainly be appreciated.

We at Prague Garnet Center are happy to advise you with your choice of jewels. The most beautiful pieces are available for lovers of classic and modern design in our shop. Come and visit us in Štupartská street and surprise your loved ones with luxury jewellery. Are you hesitating whether or not to choose a diamond or brilliant as a jewel for your loved one? Check out our tips which can help you decide.