Are you thinking about proposing your partner? Turn this milestone of your relationship into a unique moment that you both of you will remember for a long time. Just take the courage, get the right ring and choose not a common place. Be inspired with the following tips regarding the most romantic engagement.

A jewel worthy of an exceptional woman

People don’t buy an engagement ring every day. Therefore, it’s no wonder most men hesitate when it comes to choosing a ring. If this is your case too, then the following simple rules will help you:

  1. find out what the right ring size is,
  2. set the budget for your purchase,
  3. respect your partner’s taste. Remember that you are choosing something that the woman of your heart will wear daily.
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Plan twice, propose once

Once you have a box with the ring inside in your pocket, then you have to figure out when and where you are going to surprise the LOVE of your life. Keep in mind that she should feel good and she should remember this extraordinary moment with love and pleasure. Each woman has their own different ideas of a romantic moment. On one hand, a courageous extrovert woman might find a proposal on an empty beach a bit foolish. On the other hand, an introvert woman can be rather scared or shocked by you proposing in the middle of a busy city square. Before you start preparing for this great surprise, make sure it is really nice for your partner.

Well-timed romance

Are you worried about what date you’d like to  mark in your diary as the date of this event in your diary? Become inspired by the days you have already found exceptional in the past: the anniversary of the day you first met, the date of her birthday or even the date you started living together… Every relationship has loads of remarkable and extraordinary days. Whether you choose any of the above, it definitely won’t be a mistake. Also, such holidays as Christmas or New Year’s is approaching soon or you can wait a bit more for Valentine’s Day or even the 1st of May which is the Czech traditional “Valentine’s Day”.

It is also possible to do it during your summer vacation. You have countless number of opportunities to ask “Will you marry me?” throughout the year.

Place for your great moment

By now, you already know HOW and WHEN the proposal going to happen. However, you still have to figure out the question of “WHERE?” the proposal going to happen. An adventurous woman might be surprised in the city centre under a Christmas tree, on the top of a mountain, under an original billboard, at a party full of friends or during a pre-movie ad in a cinema. If your partner prefers privacy, surprise her with an unconventional Christmas present or by a walk in the woods, a trip to the place where you first met, on the beach at sunset or even during a picnic on a blooming meadow.

Where to put it?

A ring in a beautiful box doesn’t ever disappoint anyone. If you prefer less traditional ideas, you can be more creative. What about hiding a ring in her favourite chocolate egg, tie it with a ribbon to your/her pet’s neck or hang it on a Christmas tree?

We at Prague Garnet Center are happy to advise you with choice of the most beautiful ring for your fiancé. However, you have to prepare the romantic surprise for her yourself.

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